150mm Cree led 15 watt Rechargeable LED Handheld spotlights
Handheld Hunting Spotlight Light Cree led 15 watt Rechargeable 150mm Hunting/Fishing

Bulb type:Cree T6 10W LED 

Aluminum reflector 
Brightness: 1000Lumens 
•ABS Housing 
• Compact & Lightweight 
• Super Spot Beam 

1, Run time : about 3 hours. 

2, Comes with a 12V Car Charger and a 240v charger with AU plugs. 

3, These are a upgrade from the 125mm lights I sell. 

4, They use the same LED but the larger reflector gives more distance and an even clearer spot. 

5, The are an XML T6 CREE LED. 

6, Good for hunting, fishing, camping or anything really. 

7,  light weight. 

8,weight:about 500 grams. 

9,Power: 800 lumens. 

10, You can see trees at 400 meter and depending on your eyes, scope the target you are shooting at, 300 meters is clear enough to shoot at. 

11, These lights will keep up with an Olight M3X Triton torch which would have to be the best torch I have seen for distance. 

Warranty: 12months